Happy New Year

New Year Celebrations Sydney 2011


Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a great time with family and friends over the festive period.

I apologize for my continued un-organisational skills in keeping this Blog up-to-date. However one of  my New Years Resolutions is to really progress Hollipops Knits and push forward.

Marie's Shawl

As you can see I finished Marie’s Shawl.
To say I am pleased with the results would be an understatement!! It is 28# wide and 67# length.
It has 121 stitches across and the pattern repeats every 7 stitches. This shawl was knitted using size 5mm needles. 
I am currently working out the cost so that I could put a price on this, as well as all my knitted work. Still trying to work out margins (am still new at this) etc.
I had a love hate relationship with this shawl, I loved finishing it, and hated it about half way, when I thought that I would never finish it. I could spend a couple of hours on it, and it looked as though I’d only done a few minutes worth!
However I am going to punish myself by knitting this again, but tis time on each of the cross overs I am going to place a tiny bead. It will be many hours work I suspect, but I believe it will look incredible when I have finished.
Mother-in-Law lace worked scarf

                                                                                                                                                        And not only did I finish the shawl, I also completed in about 9 hrs this gorgeous mohair 50%  & acrylic 50% blend lace worked scarf.

This as some of you are aware is for Sue, my Mother-in-Law. I love doing this knit, and would look beautiful as a shawl. 34 stitches across and was knitted on size 7mm needles.
I had originally done this on 4mm needles, and had repeated the pattern over 67 stitches, but found the pattern to thick, which is ideal in winter, but wanted this scarf to be for UK Autumn/Spring time, where it is not cold enough to wear your big winter woolies, but needed something just to keep the edge of the cold.
My next lot of work will be toys, need a break from the bigger items. Oh and Marie has challenged me yet again to make her some fingerless gloves that turn into mittens, and a hat for the scarf that I had already made her. Hat is easy, the gloves-mittens are going to take a bit of work and some new learning skills. However, I have accepted the challenge, I am going to do a pair of children’s mittens first, and then do a adults pair afterwards.
Knitting mittens, basically means knitting in the round – circular pair of needles, and you knit in a joined up circle. Leaving no seam edge to sew up, and easier to knit with those for mittens, not your normal straight needles. Or I could use double-pointed needles, but to me that just looks complicated compared to the circular needles.
Saying all that, currently I am having to rest due to the inconvenience that is Pneumonia. Hopefully will pick up the needles in the next few days.
Well that is it for me this week, see you all next Tuesday.