Felted Tote Finished :)

Finished Felted Tote

Finished Felted Tote


Hi all,

As you can see from the above photo I finished my Tote!!

I was most surprised when it came out of the machine felted. It took 3 days to complete, a day and a half to knit, then I washed the bag in the afternoon. The 3rd day was drying and shaping which was done by placing 2 very large books wrapped in a towel into the bag and pulling and stretching into shape.

Rowan Cocoon Yarn

Rowan Cocoon Yarn

The yarn I used was Rowan Cocoon which is 80% merino and 20% kid hair, I purchased the yarn from http://www.Deramores.com, I will add this link to my link page.

Rowan Cocoon yarn worked a lot better than the 100% wool variety that I used for Tote 1. And I now try and complete all projects using the yarn that is recommended.

I enjoyed using this yarn, it worked up very well, and feels really nice.

Close up of the stitches and pattern

Close up of the stitches and pattern

I loved working on the Tote, and even though at first I did not think it was going to work, which was partly my fault due to using the incorrect yarn. The final outcome has been somewhat a surprise. I love using this Tote for shopping as it fits an A4 folder quite easily and I’ve put a base strengthener in so that it has a firm base. I am looking forward to making more with the different colours available in this yarn range.

My next 2 projects are a 1950’s inspired dress, the yarn for that is a baby merino called ‘Malabrigo Lace,’ and currently the cheapest place to purchase that is from ebay. The dress will be knitted using circular needles in 2 pieces, and then grafted together in the middle, this way there’ll be no seams. I am looking forward to using circular needles for the first time, and learning how to use double pointed needles for the sleeves.

And I also have another shawl to knit. However just over a week ago I being a complete idiot, climbed a ladder in a dress and boots and got my foot stuck in the hem of my dress and down I came – hard…. After 6 days of my wrist not feeling right I took myself to A&E and found I’d partially fractured my wrist. So I now in a cast, hopefully due to it not being completely broken I should be knitting in a couple of weeks. It’s been most annoying and one has learned to not climb ladders in a long dress and boots. The irony to all of this, is that the item I was looking wasn’t in the cupboard but under my bed, so none of this would have happened if only I’d remembered where I put the item in the first place.

Well must be going now, even if I can’t knit I can plan and draw out patterns for future projects.

See you soon.


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