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Last week I had a comment from Greta, asking myself to explain by what I meant by my knitting by numbers method.

My mother-in-law scarf  (lace work scarf) is 66 sts across, and the pattern is created in 48 rows in total, before you repeat. It has one row purl, followed by a pattern row. On the pattern row most of the sts are different, and when I looked at the pattern and tried to knit at the same time I I got confused with knit, slip knit, knit2tog,  slip1knitwise, slip2knitwise, yarn forward etc. I got so focused on the sts especially when you have to use 3 sts to make 1 st, by the end of the row, not only had I lost a few sts, but I also had a headache.

So I decided there had to be a better less confusing way. So I decided to look upon each stitch as a number. I draw out the patterns, and sometimes have colour coding to help distinguish the pattern, but at the bottom each stitch has a number, and now when I look at the pattern I don’t see the stitch I have to do I just see the number. Not only have I found this method has really help me, but now I don’t make mistakes, I am now a lot quicker, and by counting the stitches I know exactly how many on the needle, where I am on the pattern.

This method probably won’t work for everyone but it has really helped me.

Other news from this week, is that with the help of my brother Hollipops Knits now has a fan page on Facebook. So you can contact me on the fan page, on this blog, or at .

I am still knitting Marie’s Shawl, it is coming along beautifully and I am really looking forward to the completion which should be by the end of the week. Was meant to be finished last week but unfortunately got a sea urchin spine in my hand, so had my hand strapped up for most of that week.

Over the summer months (Aus summer), I plan to build up my stock, and will have a number of regular items for sale, as well as my commissions. I am very excited about the direction Hollipops Knits is going.

Well on that note, I have to go now, lots of work to do 🙂

See you all Sunday




This shawl has 121 stitches and will be approx 67 inches in length

 Hi all,

Apologizes to those who have been waiting for a update. With the help of my brother we’ve been tweaking the Blog, as well as introducing Hollipops Knits on Facebook. What I have decided to do is update this blog every Sunday without fail.

The Image above is the Shawl that I currently knitting for Marie, it looks beautiful and is close to being finished.  It has a feather pattern and since discovering a new way to knit with numbers instead of the stitches I am finding that the knitting is being completed faster and with less or no mistakes. Which obviously saves time when you don’t have to unpick hundreds of stitches.

Right Twist Stitch

Beautiful pattern

The next Image is made using the Right Stitch Twist, I can’t show you the finished item due to it being a gift for someone for Christmas, will post Image after the festive season. 
And last but certainly not least I have also started my Mother-in-Law Christmas gift, yes she does know what she is getting as we have had some discussions on colour and look of her scarf. The pattern is made from 46 rows and then you repeat the whole process, like the shawl the scarf will finish approx 67 inches in length. It is made from 50%mohair and 50% acrylic, so you have the strength of acrylic and the softness of the mohair. This scarf has been really enjoyable to make.
Lace Work Pattern

This pattern is made up of 46 rows before repeating.

So as you can appreciate I have been really busy. Not only with the actual process of knitting, but I also am starting to come up with my own designs, it has been a long time since I’ve had the creative buzz (making arts and crafts for the kids doesn’t count), but the urge to pen to paper has been strong. I am really looking forward to bringing the designs to life.
Well on that note must go, things to – more importantly things to make.
See you all Sunday,