The week that wasn’t

I had a plan for this week, and it did not go to accordingly. The plan was that Monday I was meant to take it up a gear and crack on with my knitting and most importantly finish Mummy Bear.

Well that is not quite what happened. My eldest came down with a nasty cold, my youngest got a fever and a rash (which is still on going), and myself ended up with a 24hr stomach bug that meant that I couldn’t do my Wednesday Blog or anything else come to think of it.

However I did find some time to finish knitting all the parts for the Teddy Bear, and now I just have to stuff and sew her up. Will attach image once completed this week.

I also started a new project which is a gift for someone, so will be unable to attach image of the full product, but will show a close up of the pattern. This pattern contains the right twist stitch ; knit 2 together, don’t remove to right needle, then go between the 2 stitches and knit the first stitch again then remove the stitches to the right needle.

I hope that everyone else had a more productive week, and a healthier one at that.

This week I want a more productive week – lots more knitting, Teddy Bear finished, and part one of the secret gift to be completed and then I can start part 2 the following week.

And to achieve all of the above I want a healthier household. Illnesses are banned.

Well of I go, things to do, medicine to hand out.

See you all Wednesday




Mummy Bear

Mummy Bear nearly there.

Hi all,

Well for my first week on here to have over 160 hits is more than I could have wished for, a Big thank you to all you that visited. I hope you all had a productive weekend in whatever you were doing.
I had some issues tonight with my links and pattern pages, but think I have finally fixed those problems so now you should be able to click on the link and it will actually take you to another page. I’m still learning, knitting one thing, computers another.
As you can see from the photo, Mummy Bear isn’t quite finished, I did however finish knitting the other leg and 1 arm, so not long now before she has all her limbs. She will also have a very cute pair of ears and facial features once she is completed (hopefully before Wednesday blog).
In the meantime I have made a babies hat (6-12mth) in a beautiful white baby yarn 4ply – which is on the Images Page, it is very soft and will be incredibly warm on a cold day. I am considering knitting something little to attach to the front of the hat to give it a little detail, all in good time.
In the next coming weeks, I will be adding to lessons, and would like to add pieces of information that I have found useful and will be sharing with you. I also plan to do some Dog Coat Knitting – especially for Michelle to keep her babies warm in the Canadian winter, plus this gives me the excuse to learn new stitches and patterns. And not forgetting my toys that I am will be adding to the collection.
Isn’t strange that some days/weeks you can get so much done, yet another day/week, it doesn’t quite work to plan. That is how I feel this week, I am positive with Monday and a new week starting I will take up a gear.
Well on that note, I think it is time for bed. It has been a long busy day, so giving the knitting a rest tonight and start fresh tomorrow.
See you Wednesday.

Blog Entry Days

Hi to all,

So far so good, 111 hits presently, lets keep it up and share with friends who may be interested.

My Blog entry days from now on will be Wednesday and Sunday. These days I will post new entries, images, links etc.
So if you have any recommendations I need them the day before to get them up on the Blog.

My plan for tonight will be to finish Mummy Bear, she is a lovely colour, and very cuddly, or so my youngest thinks – she has been cuddling it most of the day even though the bear only has a head, nose and tummy. She keeps asking me to make some legs lol. So must get on with that.

Mummy Bear is Stockinette stitch with some really easy shaping. The I just have to sew her up, stuff her and assemble.

After Mummy Bear, there will be Daddy Bear and Baby Bear followed by Goldilocks. plus I have about a dozen or so scarves that I have to complete before starting on the Christmas orders. Busy times ahead 🙂

Have to go now, knitting won’t get done by itself. Enjoy your weekend.


Joys of a second hand shop

Op shop yarn

I love op shops (second hand shops) you never know what you may find.

I found both of these yarns in 2 different op shops in my local area, found a cool two toned pattern, and started a new scarf.

The joys of the op shops, is that you can mkae something truly unique and the cost is very minimal.


Knitted flower

My knitting, my inspiration is that I enjoy making things for other people, seeing my daughter wearing a hat that I made has given my great enjoyment.

This hat was really very easy, however this flower which I decided to give it a go wasn’t easy, it required teeny tiny needles, and with my big fingers and hands I got a little frustrated, so these 5 petals took just under 2 hrs to make! Was quiet relieved when it was completed, but the pain was worth it, it looks great and my youngest loves wearing her hat.
Nothing makes me smile more than when my kids are happy.

Knitting Naturally

Hi to all,

I have attached a link to Knitting Naturally where you can purchase Knitting Essentials – an instructional guide to knitting. There is also other books on the site that will help you with your knitting adventures.


Why I Knit

Why I did I get into knitting? Well last year my husband was away for a LONG period of time due to work. I have 2 children and had a part time job. By the time that I had done the school run, work, housework and various childhood illnesses, that left very little time for myself. I was sorting out the house one day and found a couple of balls of yarn. Then it came to me that maybe I should see if I could still knit.

I went out a purchased a pair of needles got my yarn and then I remembered that I couldn’t cast on – as previously my Mum had always done that when I was little. I went to Youtube found a video and of I went.

I found knitting came back fairly easily, knit one, purl one.  Knitting the stitch was one thing, reading a pattern was another!!  I had no idea looking at the dots, squares, triangles and circles – and this was meant to make sense to me, yeah right.  Eventually I came across a book called “ Knitting Essentials – An Instructional Guide To Knitting,” this book help me no end, it goes through equipment and material, basic skills, library of stitches, edgings, knitting with colour and much more.

This book has simple diagrams and it is easy to follow, so my first job was to start with the basic patterns which I would make into scarfs. Some of which I have downloaded to the blog, the cream scarf at the beginning, is done with thick yarn, big needles and it is called double moss, this only took me 4 hrs to make, it feels great, soft and warm and long enough to double wrap on very cold days.

And since the easy stiches, I have moved along to the harder stitches and patterns, making my scarfs look really gorgeous, the more I did, the confident I get.

My main aim of this blog is to write about my experiences through knitting, my truimphs and my failures (hoping not to many of them). To show you the finished products when they get completed, to link up to pages and groups that will aid your knitting journey.

Well must go knitting needs to be done.