Holiday Over :)


After my unfortunate accident last year – I fell off a ladder and ended up in a cast and then couldn’t knit for over 6 months. The knitting is making a comeback.

I was walking around a shopping center and looking at the selection of beanies. My sister-in-law turned around and said “what are you looking at? You can make one better than that.”

So I made my husband get out all the gear, and I found a pattern, and off I went. Admittedly knitting did hurt my wrist, but I persevered and continued. I had finished the knitting before I went to bed. And the following morning I stitched it together. I then wore it out (photo above) a couple of hours later.

The yarn I used was Rowan Cocoon, it was the same yarn that I had left over from the Felted Bag. The next night I started on a hand warmer. I have finished the left hand, but I have run out of yarn, so need to order some more from the UK.

Since my silly accident, my life has done a complete 180. I started making cupcakes, because I couldn’t knit. And from the humble cupcake they turned into 4 tier cakes, like the cake below.

Christmas Tree Cake - All Chocolate 🙂

I then started receiving orders! Who knew I could do this, because I certainly didn’t.

Then the knitting has made a return, and aside from the cakes that I will still be doing, I will also being teaching knitting classes for beginners and intermediates.

The lessons will be held at Little Red’s Craft Cupboard in Monbulk, VIC. Check my Lessons at the top of my page.

Well on that note, I have to go, I have a baby blanket to knit, before my nephews girlfriend gives birth in early May. Plus my Autumnal cupcakes won’t make themselves.