3 Projects Done, Many More To Go

Dog Coat


Hi All,

Well I have been a busy bee.

I have made my very first dog coat, and even though I am not blessed with having a dog running around so that I can make him or her try the outfits on, my eldest daughters toy german shepherd will have to do. The back piece measures 15 inches from neck to tail. It is knit with 5 mm needles and there will be 3 other sizes that I will make so that you and I can compare sizes. Also planned in the dog range is a LBD – just for those girl dogs that want something a little special.


Ladies Wrap


Also as you can see I’ve made this gorgeous (I’m biased) shawl/shrug, it is a very quick knit. It is made with size 15 mm needles and only took me a couple of days. I’ve ordered a beautiful leaf clasp that will be in the centre to join the 2 sides together (which I am waiting patiently for the clasp to arrive from the states).


Ladies Mohair Beret


And I have finished a Ladies Mohair Beret, which is the same pattern that I used for the grey beret. It is interesting to learn just how much difference in size when you use different yarns for the same knit.

Hopefully tomorrow will add photos of my youngest daughters pocket scarf, adorned with teddy bear face, I just have to finish the eyes and nose, sewing the details is not my strong point,  but as they say practice makes perfect. Have also added some more photos of various projects that have been completed, or close up of the stitches etc on the Images page. Included in the photos is a picture of a knitter’s gauge, for those of you unaware of what one of these are, basically they tell you what size your needles are. Mine has 3 measurements styles : mm, imperial and U.S., you should be able to get yourself one from all good knitting stores, or craft centres.

What will I do next, well I need to make the smaller size in the ladies Shawl/Shrug, and there are 3 more sizes of dog coats as well as the LBD, also on the agenda is a great big LadyBug floor cushion, runched fingerless gloves and a tote which will give me the chance to learn how to “felt,’ which as I know and some others will definitely know is an art form in its self. And if that wasn’t enough I have also challenged myself to knit a 1950’s inspired dress, all on circular needles – which up until this point I haven’t done any work on circular needles. How hard can it be???

Wow I sound busy. . . . . . . . I love it, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well must go, lots of work to do, see you soon.


2 thoughts on “3 Projects Done, Many More To Go

  1. exquisite work you have done, this site is absolutely cool with superb info. I advise you put this article to reddit, and then more and more citizen might entry your posts. Thank You

    • Thank you for your comment. I don’t think my work is exquisite but I’m working on it. Thanks to you I am looking into opening an account with reddit.

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