Extended Vacation

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Hi to all,

First I would like to explain the last couple of months, I had an unplanned extended vacation, totally out of my control and hopefully never to repeat again. To be away from my knitting needles that long I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms.

However the needles have been dusted down and ready for new projects, or in some cases finishing projects that were started before the vacation.

In the past few weeks I’ve completed a mohair blend beret, a childs hat & scarf set, and another childs scarf.

I also have started a brand new pattern, which I have contributed my own little details to make this project my own. I am struggling with this, but even though it can be at times very frustrating, I am learning to like that. At times projects can be so easy that you become complacent, even a little lazy. This however is really testing me, definitely having to use my brain on this one, but I am determined to finish it, ideally in the next few weeks.

Hollipops Knits is now on twitter @hollipopsknits, so can be contacted on there as well as here and facebook.

I have a whole bunch of projects that I want to achieve this year. Photos of the new completed works will be posted in the next couple of days.

Well better go, see you all soon 🙂


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